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Reducing lawyers' time spent on low value-add tasks by 60%
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Where there are complex documents in play, there is a need for new solutions.
Uncover is the AI-driven solution for every lawyer — reducing time spent on low value-add tasks by 60% allowing them to focus on the work that only lawyers can do. Check it out below!


Finished drafting? No need to spend time on collating and printing the procedural documents and exhibits. One mouse-click and you will receive a high-quality bundle of your document and the exhibits referred to.

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"I’m immensely impressed by this system already. I think you have a world-beater on your hands. "

Stout Street Solicitors
"I have already seen in a short time that this can save an enormous amount of time; great for lawyers (busy enough as it is), and great for clients (quicker response)."

Focus-on Legal
"The use of Uncover makes our work more efficient, reducing the time it takes to assess and draft documents.  Uncover is a must-have for those who want quick insight into extensive files."


Our customers

Launching customers
Launching customers

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