August 15, 2022
3-min read

How Uncover Came to Life

How a dinner conversation inspired the founding of Uncover

The story of Uncover began when Caroline Korteweg and Ingrid van de Pol-Mensing met up for dinner. Friends since childhood, and both working as lawyers, they were able to commiserate with each other about all the good and bad aspects of being a lawyer. It was a typical night out, with lots of conversation and good food.

That night, they discussed the work hardships they faced daily. One of the pain points was how inefficient, and time-consuming some of their tasks were. Some nights, you'd be stuck in front of a screen searching for this one key fact or argument you know you've read somewhere but cannot retrieve. On other days, you could spend hours trying to manually re-number exhibits after shuffling through the order of argumentation in a procedural document right before a court deadline. These tasks might sound simple, but they took up a lot of time. 

They started to bounce ideas off each other, trying to find a solution to this seemingly simple problem. When Googling for a solution didn’t work, they began thinking about how they could build it themselves. And hence the journey began. As the idea continued to develop, Caroline and Ingrid were introduced to Slimmer AI, an AI B2B venture studio, to help them bring Uncover to life. Together, they leverage the power of artificial intelligence to help fuel their platform solution. 

Uncover is an AI-powered case management solution for litigation lawyers, so they can focus on what they do best – win cases. The platform allows litigators to, in a uniform way, structure casefiles, generate timelines of facts, search through all documents in a case file at once, and collaborate with team members. And this is only the beginning. Our mission is to future-proof lawyers, empower lawyers to leverage data overload and continue serving their client's evolving needs. 

To read more about the story of Uncover and our founders, check out this interview with Ingrid or this podcast with Caroline (in Dutch). 

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