August 16, 2022
2-min read

Why Uncover is the Ultimate Solution to Solve Litigators’ Problems

Freeing up litigators from paperwork to let them do what they do best—win cases

Being buried in paperwork is never fun. When you’re a lawyer, you experience it every single day. It’s hard to keep track of where all the information is.

Uncover co-founder, Caroline Korteweg, said, “Today, lawyers spend roughly 30-40% of their time ploughing their way through documents focusing on factual information, trying to make sense of the case file and drafting advice based on those facts. It is fundamental but inefficient and time-consuming work, resulting in lawyers longing for more hours to do the legal work they were trained for, while clients demand more efficiency.”

Uncover aims to be a tool that can help remove these problems. Using the Uncover platform, you can search through piles of documents and structure and classify case files, create a timeline, and collaborate with your teams. What usually takes multiple hours now can be done in less time with Uncover. And most importantly, it will be done super accurately.  

You no longer have to deal with literal tons of paperwork. You don’t have to worry about figuring out the best way to organise your files and manually annotate important information lines. Uncover wants to and will make your work more interesting.

Check out our homepage to learn more about our platform and request a demo to be one of the first to try it out. 

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