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April 11, 2023
3 min read

From courtroom to code

In light of our 1 year anniversary, we go back to where it all started.

The soft, golden light of the chandelier bathed the elegant dining room of Petit Caron, a fine French restaurant tucked away in the bustling Pijp in Amsterdam. The soothing hum of conversations filled the air, punctuated by the occasional laughter and clinking of glasses. Despite the restaurant's sophisticated ambiance, two women, Caroline and Ingrid, sat at a corner table engaged in a spirited conversation.

Caroline, a tall, slender woman with dark, wavy hair, was an accomplished lawyer who had made a name for herself in the world of litigation. Across from her sat Ingrid, a blonde, vivacious woman with an infectious smile, who had built a reputation as a formidable tax lawyer.

Their friendship, forged during their time at school, had only grown stronger over the years. Work, however, had led them to different cities, leaving them to rely on phone calls and social media to stay in touch. Tonight, they finally had the chance to meet in person after years of separation.

The spark 

Between bites of her salmon, Caroline couldn't help but share her growing frustration with the hours wasted on ploughing through documents to find the evidence she needed, especially since her clients trust her to provide accurate advice fast.  

Ingrid nodded, intrigued. "I've noticed the same thing in my field. It's astonishing to see how much time we spend on such low value-add tasks." "The potential for transformative change is incredible," she said, her eyes lighting up with excitement. 

The conversation shifted to their shared admiration for the law and the fearless tech entrepreneurs who dared to challenge the status quo. As the night wore on, they discussed their own dreams and aspirations. It was in that moment that a spark of inspiration ignited between them.

The leap 

On 1 April 2022, Caroline and Ingrid decided to take the plunge. With their combined expertise in law and a shared passion for technology, they founded their own tech startup, Uncover. Their venture aims to revolutionize the way lawyers work by developing harnessing the newest and most advanced AI. 

They spent countless hours researching, developing, and refining their product. Drawing on their decades of experience, they crafted an intuitive interface that demystified the often arcane world of legal jargon.

The legacy 

Today Uncover is an unparalleled solution that provides lawyers with a mind blowing boost of efficiency, reducing time spent on low-value tasks by 60%, increases accuracy and supports effective team work so lawyers can focus on complex legal tasks and building excellent relationships with their clients. 

Uncover has empowered lawyers in the Netherlands, Germany and Australia to serve more clients better. It has been included in MT Sprout’s top 12 start-ups of 2023 and the top 30 of most promising Dutch companies in 2023. 

The next step 

Their past year as tech entrepreneurs has been one of tremendous learning about AI’s possibilities. Together with their team of highly specialised engineers, they have secretly been building on a groundbreaking new technology. 

Want to know how they are going to shake-up the legal world even more? Stay tuned! 

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